Blinks: Anislbe, reviews of Campbell nominees and Kenneth Calhoun, upcoming events

» David Langford’s Ansible 321

» Never mind the title, here’s K. Tempest Bradford on NPR reviewing works by this year’s nominees for the John W. Campbell Award for Best New Writer

» B&N: Paul Di Filippo reviews Kenneth Calhoun’s Black Moon

» The New York Review of Science Fiction Readings presents A Tribute to Robert Sheckley, April 7th beginning 6:30pm, featuring Alisa Kwitney (Sheckley), Ziva Kwitney, Henry Wessells, Ellen Datlow, and Michael Swanwick

» Fantastic Fiction at KGB, hosted by Ellen Datlow and Matthew Kressel, present Douglas Clgg and John Langan, April 16th at 7pm

» Dark Delicacies in Burbank CA hosts Mike Mignola, Steve Niles, David J. Schow, Darryl Dawon, Lisa Dominique Machat, DH Altair, this next week