Asimov’s Science Fiction

• Science Fiction magazine; published since 1977; edited by Sheila Williams
• Format: Print
• Frequency: Near-monthly (10 issues/year)

June 2014
Vol. 38 No. 6 (whole #461), $4.99, 112pp, cover art by Maurizio Manzieri
• This issue has novelettes by Suzanne Palmer, David Erik Nelson, and Lavie Tidhard, and short stories by Kara Dalkey, Ian Creasey, Sylvain Jouty, James Van Pelt, and Nancy Kress.
• Poetry is by Shawn Fitzpatrick, G.O. Clark, Robert Frazier, Robert Borski, Jane Yolen, and William F. Cullen.
• Departments include a guest editorial by Alice Sola Kim, a “Reflections” column by Robert Silverberg, an “On the Net” column by James Patrick Kelly, about awards, and book reviews by Peter J. Heck.

(Fri 28 Mar 2014)

Black Static

• British fantasy and horror magazine, debuting 2007 (formerly The Third Alternative), edited by Andy Cox
• Format: Print
• Frequency: Bimonthly

March/April 2014
Issue 39, £4.99, 96pp, cover art by Ben Baldwin
• Stories in this issue are by Ralph Robert Moore, Tyler Keevil, Vajra Chandrasekera, Joel Arnold, Steven J. Dines, and Suzanne Palmer.
• Columns are by Stephen Volk, Lynda E. Rucker, Peter Tennant, and Tony Lee.
• Lois Tilton reviewed the issue earlier this month, recommending the story by Vajra Chandrasekera.

(Mon 24 Mar 2014)

Dreams and Nightmares

• Magazine of fantastic poetry, published since 1986, by David C. Kopaska-Merkel
• Format: Print
• Frequency: Quarterly

January 2014
Issue 97, $5, 20pp, cover art by Hanes Bach
• This issue has poetry by Neal Wilgus, Sofia Rhei with a translation by Lawrence Schimel, Jane Yolen, Robert Borski, Mary Soon Lee, and others.
• David C. Kopaska-Merkel posts regular updates at the Dreams & Nightmares blog.

(Fri 28 Mar 2014)

Strange Horizons

• Fiction, art, articles, poetry, and reviews; founded September 2000; editor-in-chief Susan Marie Groppi through 2010, Niall Harrison beginning 2011
• Format: Online
• Frequency: Weekly; reviews posted three times a week

March 2014
• Fiction posted this past month includes Carlie St. George’s Such Lovely Teeth, Such Big Teeth (in two parts) and Nathaniel Lee’s The Mountain Demon’s Ballad.
• There are columns by Renay, Rochita Loenen-Ruiz, and Genevieve Valentine, plus a month-end discussion of culture and reviewing with an essay by Nisi Shawl, an essay by Samuel R. Delany, and roundtable on Inclusive Reviewing with Delany, Duchamp, Samatar, and others.
• There is also poetry by Sandi Leibowitz, Liz Bourke, Francesca Forrest, and Gemma Files, and thrice-weekly book reviews.
• Lois Tilton reviewed the issue in her most recent column.

(Sat 29 Mar 2014)

• SF & fantasy fiction, reviews, commentary, founded 2008; staff includes fiction editors Patrick Nielsen Hayden and Liz Gorinsky
• Format: Online
• Frequency: Daily

March 2014
• Original stories posted this past month include Daniel José Older’s Anyway, Angie, Elizabeth Fama’s Noma Girl, Lindsay Smith’s Doppel, and A.M. Dellamonica’s The Ugly Woman of Castello di Putti.
• Lois Tilton just reviewed the story by Lindsay Smith.

(Sat 29 Mar 2014)