Gill Joins Ace/Roc

Diana Gill, head of Harper Voyager US, is moving to Ace/Roc/Berkeley, where she will be executive editor starting April 1, 2014, replacing retiring editor Ginjer Buchanan. Gill’s last day at Harper was March 21, 2014. She told us, ‘‘I am very proud of my (just-shy of) 16 years with Avon Eos/Eos/Harper Voyager and the wonderful and talented authors I’ve discovered and championed there. Ace/Roc are amazing imprints with great authors and a talented editorial team, and I am honored and excited to join them.’’ She will report to Susan Allison, editorial director at Berkley.

Gill got her start in publishing in 1996 as an assistant editor at W.H. Freeman, working on science textbooks. She joined Morrow/Avon and began editing SF/F in 1998, staying on when the company was acquired by HarperCollins in 1999 and Avon became the Eos imprint. She was promoted to executive editor at Eos and Morrow in 2007, and managed the transition when Eos became Harper Voyager in 2012. Her authors included Brom, Kim Harrison, Richard Kadrey, Anne McCaffrey, Karen Traviss, David Wellington, and many others.