Alan Rodgers (1959-2014)

Writer and editor Alan Rodgers, 54, died March 8, 2014 in Anaheim CA.

Alan Paul Rodgers was born August 11, 1959 in Montclair NJ. He began publishing fantasy with Stoker Award winner and World Fantasy Award nominee “The Boy who Came Back from the Dead” (1987). Debut horror novel Blood of the Children (1989) was a Stoker finalist. Other novels include Fire (1990), Night (1991), Pandora (1994), Stoker nominee Bone Music (1995), Alien Love (2002), River of Our Destiny (2002), and The Bear Who Found Christmas (2002). Some of his short work was collected in New Life for the Dead (1991), Ghosts Who Cannot Sleep (2000), and Her Misbegotten Son (2000). He was associate editor at The Twilight Zone (1984-87) and solo editor of spin-off magazine Night Cry (1985-87). He is survived by three children.

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