Locus Magazine, Science Fiction FantasyLocus Magazine • February 2014 • Issue 637 • Vol. 72 No. 2

The February issue features 2013: The Year in Review, with the Locus Recommended Reading List, commentary by Liza Groen Trombi, Gary K. Wolfe, and many others, and the Locus Poll and Survey ballot. Plus: an interview with Terry Pratchett, awards and publishing news, and reviews of short fiction and new books by Lavie Tidhar, Simon Morden, Neal Asher, A. Lee Martinez, and many others.

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Locus Magazine, Science Fiction Fantasy

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February 2014 • Issue 637 • Vol. 72 • No. 2
47th Year of Publication • 30-Time Hugo Winner
Cover and Interview Designs by Francesca Myman

Terry Pratchett: Talking to Other Monkeys / 6
Notes on milestones, awards, books sold, etc., with news this issue about Kate DiCamillo, Neil Gaiman, Geoffrey A. Landis, Jo Walton, Neal Asher, Jeff VanderMeer, and many others
2013 Philip K. Dick Award Finalists • 2014 Prometheus Awards Hall of Fame Finalists • Simon451 • Penguin Random House UK Children’s • Hugo Nomination Period Open • Clarkesworld Ineligible for Semiprozine Hugo • Jay Lake’s Open Source Genome
Asimov’s and Analog Raise Pay Rates • Quercus For Sale • Writing Workshop Applications Open • Barnes & Noble News • World Conventions News • Legal News • Publishing News • Awards News • Harry Potter Play • Pew Reading Survey • Announcements • Financial News • International Rights • Audio Rights • Publications Received • Catalogs Received
2013: Recommended Reading: Liza Groen Trombi (with Francesca Myman & Heather Shaw), Gary K. Wolfe, Faren Miller, Russell Letson, Graham Sleight, Adrienne Martini, Stefan Dziemianowicz, Tim Pratt, Gardner Dozois, Rich Horton, Amy Goldschlager / 26 2013 Recommended Reading List / 38 2013 Book Summary / 44 2013 Magazine Summary / 48
Magazines Received: December / 5 3 Books Received: December / 54 British Books Received: November / 64 Bestsellers / 66
Neal Barrett, Jr. • Appreciations by Joe R. Lansdale and Al Sarrantonio • Janrae Frank • DEATH REPORTED: John Boyd
January, the Cruelest Month • 2013 • Visiting Guy • Poll & Survey • Locus Awards • This Issue/Next Issue
Gardnerspace: A Short Fiction Column by Gardner Dozois / 13
Interzone 11-12/13; Asimov’s 12/13; Extreme Planets, David Conyers, David Kernot & Jeff Harris, eds.; Rayguns Over Texas, Richard Klaw, ed.; Electric Velocipede, Spring ’13; ElectricVelocipede, Winter ’13.
Short Fiction Reviews by Rich Horton / 15
Analog 3/14; Electric Velocipede, Spring ’13; Electric Velocipede, Winter ’13; Lightspeed 1/14; Clarkesworld 1/14; Conservation of Shadows, Yoon Ha Lee; Cry Murder! In a Small Voice, Greer Gilman; Dangerous Women, George R.R. Martin & Gardner Dozois, eds.; Shadows of the New Sun, J.E. Mooney & Bill Fawcett, eds.
Reviews by Gary K. Wolfe / 16
The Violent Century, Lavie Tidhar; Strange Bodies, Marcel Theroux; What Makes This Book So Great, Jo Walton; The Land Across, Gene Wolfe.
Reviews by Faren Miller / 18
Arcanum, Simon Morden; The Bread We Eat in Dreams, Catherynne M. Valente; The Big Aha, Rudy Rucker; Broken Homes, Ben Aaronovitch.
Reviews by Russell Letson / 21
Jupiter War, Neal Asher; Proxima, Stephen Baxter.
Reviews by Adrienne Martini / 23
Helen and Troy’s Epic Road Quest, A. Lee Martinez; Under the Empyrean Sky: The Heartland Trilogy (Book One), Chuck Wendig; Vicious, V.E. Schwab; Strange Bodies, Marcel Theroux.
Review by Gwenda Bond / 24
The Burning Sky, Sherry Thomas.
Short Reviews by Carolyn Cushman / 25
Masks, E.C. Blake; Curtsies & Conspiracies, Gail Carriger; The Lord of Opium, Nancy Farmer; Reflected, Rhiannon Held; TheYear Without A Summer, Mary Robinette Kowal; Blood of Tyrants, Naomi Novik; The Misfortune Cookie, Laura Resnick; Ink Black Magic, Tansy Rayner Roberts; Royal Airs, Sharon Shinn.
Terry Bisson: This Month in History / 15, 19, 21, 23


Magazine Issues reviewed in this issue (indicating reviewer)

Analog March 2014 (Rich Horton)
Asimov’s December 2013 (Gardner Dozois)
Clarkesworld January 2014 (Rich Horton)
Electric Velocipede Spring 2013 (Gardner Dozois)
Electric Velocipede Spring 2013 (Rich Horton)
Electric Velocipede Winter 2013 (Gardner Dozois)
Electric Velocipede Winter 2013 (Rich Horton)
Interzone Nov-Dec 2013 (Gardner Dozois)
Lightspeed January 2014 (Rich Horton)

Books reviewed in this issue, listed by author (indicating reviewer)

Aaronovitch, Ben • Broken Homes (Faren Miller)
Asher, Neal • Jupiter War (Russell Letson)
Asher, Neal • Jupiter War (Russell Letson)
Baxter, Stephen • Proxima (Russell Letson)
Blake, E. C. • Masks (Carolyn Cushman)
Carriger, Gail • Curtsies & Conspiracies (Carolyn Cushman)
Conyers, David, & David Kernot, eds. • Extreme Planets (Gardner Dozois)
Farmer, Nancy • The Lord of Opium (Carolyn Cushman)
Gilman, Greer • Cry Murder! in a Small Voice (Rich Horton)
Held, Rhiannon • Reflected (Carolyn Cushman)
Klaw, Rick, ed. • Rayguns Over Texas (Gardner Dozois)
Kowal, Mary Robinette • Without a Summer (Carolyn Cushman)
Lee, Yoon Ha • Conservation of Shadows (Rich Horton)
Martin, George R. R., & Gardner Dozois, eds. • Dangerous Women (Rich Horton)
Martinez, A. Lee • Helen & Troy’s Epic Road Quest (Adrienne Martini)
Mooney, J. E., & Bill Fawcett, ed. • Shadows of the New Sun: Stories in Honor of Gene Wolfe (Rich Horton)
Morden, Simon • Arcanum (Faren Miller)
Novik, Naomi • Blood of Tyrants (Carolyn Cushman)
Resnick, Laura • The Misfortune Cookie (Carolyn Cushman)
Roberts, Tansy Rayner • Ink Black Magic (Carolyn Cushman)
Rucker, Rudy • The Big Aha (Faren Miller)
Schwab, V. E. • Vicious (Adrienne Martini)
Shinn, Sharon • Royal Airs (Carolyn Cushman)
Theroux, Marcel • Strange Bodies (Adrienne Martini)
Theroux, Marcel • Strange Bodies (Gary K. Wolfe)
Thomas, Sherry • The Burning Sky (Gwenda Bond)
Tidhar, Lavie • The Violent Century (Gary K. Wolfe)
Valente, Catherynne M. • The Bread We Eat in Dreams (Faren Miller)
Walton, Jo • What Makes This Book So Great (Gary K. Wolfe)
Wendig, Chuck • Under the Empyrean Sky (Adrienne Martini)
Wolfe, Gene • The Land Across (Gary K. Wolfe)