Mark E. Rogers (1952-2014)

Writer and artist Mark E. Rogers, 61, died February 2, 2014 of an apparent heart attack while hiking in Death Valley with his family.

Rogers’s novella “The Runestone” was adapted as a film of the same name in 1990. Debut fantasy novel Zorachus (1986) was followed by sequel The Nightmare of God (1988). He also wrote the Blood of the Lamb series, the Zancarthus series, and two standalone novels. He wrote and illustrated several volumes of the Adventures of Samurai Cat series beginning in 1980. His art appears in Nothing But a Smile: The Pinup Art of Mark Rogers (2003) and The Art of Fantasy (2005).

Mark Earl Rogers was born April 19, 1952 in South Amboy NJ and grew up in Point Pleasant Beach. He attended the University of Delaware, graduating in 1974. Rogers is survived by his wife of 38 years, Kate Rogers; their four children; and a grandchild.

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