Black Static

• British fantasy and horror magazine, debuting 2007 (formerly The Third Alternative), edited by Andy Cox
• Format: Print
• Frequency: Bimonthly

Sep-Oct 2013
Issue 36, £4.99, 96pp, cover art by Vincent Sammy
• This issue has stories by Jacob A. Boyd, Stephen Bacon, Tim Waggoner, Christopher Fowler, V.H. Leslie, and Ray Cluley.
• Columns and reviews are by Stephen Volk, Lynda E. Rucker, Tony Lee, and Peter Tennant
• The magazine’s site has this post with an annotated table of contents.

(Wed 9 Oct 2013)


• Semi-annual magazine for writers, produced by the British Science Fiction Association

Summer/Autumn 2013
Issue 60, 32pp
• This issue, guest-edited by Kim Lakin-Smith and Donna Scott, focuses on writing groups, with articles and essays by Dev Agarwal, Alex Davis, Terry Jackman, Adrian Faulkner, Roderick Gladwish, and Martin McGrath.
• There’s also news, tweet fiction, and poetry.

(Mon 7 Oct 2013)


• SF magazine, currently bimonthly, published since 1982, co-founded by David Pringle; edited since 2004 by Andy Cox

Sep-Oct 2013
Issue 248, $4.99, 96pp, cover art by Jim Burns
• Fiction in this issue is by Carole Johnstone, James Van Pelt, Greg Kurzawa, Ken Altabef, and Sean McMullen.
• Nonfiction includes David Langford’s “Ansible Link” news and obituaries, book reviews with an interview of Christopher Priest, film reviews by Nick Lowe, and blu-ray/DVD reviews by Tony Lee.
• Lois Tilton reviews this issue for Locus Online, recommending the stories by Greg Kurzawa and Sean McMullen.

(Wed 9 Oct 2013)

The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction

• Fiction, reviews, and features; published since 1949; edited by Gordon Van Gelder
• Format: Print
• Frequency: Bimonthly

Nov/Dec 2013
Vol. 125 No. 5&6 (whole #710), $7.99, 258pp, cover art by Mondolithic Studios
• This issue has a novella by Michael Blumlein, novelets by Tim Sullivan, Albert E. Cowdrey, KJ Kabza, Matthew Hughes, and M.K. Hobson, and short stories by Brendan DuBois, and James Patrick Kelly.
• Departments include Charles de Lint’s “Books to Look For”, covering titles by Stephen King and Graham Joyce; Chris Moriarty’s “Books” column, covering titles by Daniel Abraham and others; Paul Di Filippo’s latest “Plumage from Pegasus” installment, “More Than Bookman”; a “Films” column by Kathi Maio; and a “Curiosities” page by Douglas A. Anderson, covering a 1914 title by Guy Ridley.
• The issue also has results of the latest F&SF Competition, and rules for the next one.

(Tue 8 Oct 2013)


• Critical journal of the British Science Fiction Association; edited by Niall Harrison
• Format: Print
• Frequency: Bimonthly

Autumn 2013
Issue 273, £4.00, 52pp
• This issue, loosely themed on “influences” authors have on other authors, has articles by Kari Sperring, Julia Cresswell, Gillian Polack, David Wingrove, and Tom Hunter.
• Columns are by Andy Sawyer, Paul Kincaid, and Stephen Baxter.
• The lengthy book review section, edited by Martin Lewis, covers titles by Stephen Baxter, Adam Roberts, Jo Walton, Chris Beckett, and many others.

(Mon 7 Oct 2013)