Penguin E-books Return to Overdrive

Penguin titles are once again available on Overdrive, the e-book lending service. Nearly two years ago, Penguin pulled its titles from Overdrive, citing “security concerns” stemming from Overdrive’s exclusive deal to allow Kindle lending of e-books.

With the resuming of the relationship with Overdrive, Penguin titles will be available for Kindle users through a “sideload” process in which readers upload Penguin titles via a USB connection directly to their device. The inconvenience presented through “sideloading” is an attempt on behalf of Penguin to instill “friction” within the e-book lending process that reflects traditional library practices of physically picking up and returning books. Titles can be licensed for one year, with prices ranging from $18.99 to $5.99.  For more information, see the Publishers Weekly article here.