Blinks: Hartwell symposium, Atwood, Palwick, Traviss, Robbins, Westfahl, future art

» Williams College (in Williamstown, MA) hosts The David G. Hartwell ’63 Science Fiction Symposium, Oct. 22-24, with Samuel R. Delany, Kim Stanley Robinson, Paolo Bacigalupi, John Crowley, and others

» Wired: Margaret Atwood on Science Fiction, Dystopias, and Intestinal Parasites

» Tangent Online: long interview with Susan Palwick

» Publishers Weekly: Why I Write…Karen Traviss: Science Fiction

» Kindle Post US: Fleetwood Robbins on One Person’s Utopia Is Another’s Dystopia

» Smart Pop Books has Gary Westfahl on Back to the Egg: The Prequels to A Song of Ice and Fire — online only for one week

» Publishers Weekly: The Art of the Future, with comments from Anders, Reynolds, Gill, Gallo, Guran, and others