2013 Rhysling Award Winners

The Science Fiction Poetry Association (SFPA) has announced the winners of the annual Rhysling Awards for science fiction, fantasy, and horror poetry, short and long form. This year’s winners are:


First Place
“The Cat Star”, Terry Garey (Lady Poetesses from Hell)

Second Place
“Futurity’s Shoelaces”, Marge Simon (Balticon 2012 Program Book)

Third Place
“Sister Philomela Heard the Voices of Angels”, Megan Arkenberg
(Strange Horizons 8/7/12)


First Place
“Into Flight”, Andrew Robert Sutton (Silver Blade 14)

Second Place
“String Theory”, John Philip Johnson (Ad Astra 1)

Third Place (tie)
“The Necromantic Wine”, Wade German (Avatars of Wizardry)

“The Time Traveler’s Weekend”, Adele Gardner (Liquid Imagination 15)

Poems are chosen by the membership of the SFPA, who vote on a list of nominations made by individual members and published in the Rhysling Anthology. Winners are regularly reprinted in the annual Nebula Awards Anthology.