Omni Reboot

SF and science magazine Omni (1978-95) is being reborn as online magazine Omni Reboot, with articles, fiction, and other content expected to begin appearing this week. The revival is thanks to investor and entrepreneur Jeremy Frommer, who purchased the estate of Omni publisher Bob Guccione, including the magazine archives. His Powerhouse Press will also publish some Omni-related material, with an art book forthcoming.

The editor of Omni Reboot is Claire Evans, who told us

We’re starting small, with a mix of original science fiction and essays. The driving editorial concept is drawn from something Ben Bova told me: Omni is not a science magazine, not a science fiction magazine, but a magazine about the future. We’ll use all the tools at our disposal to address the subject: speculative essays, examinations of the technologies of the past, photo essays, interviews with future thinkers, and lots of screwy inquiry in the lovable gonzo spirit of the original Omni. We have access to the entire archive of the magazine, so we’ll be bringing all of the old art back to life by pairing it with new authors. Content will be released weekly, along mostly thematic lines.

For more, see Evans’s article “‘Omni’ Magazine Will Rise Again” at Vice.