Deborah J. Miller (AKA Miller Lau) Obituary

British author Deborah J. Miller, 50, who also wrote as Miller Lau, died May 6, 2013 of cancer. As Lau, her debut novel was Talisker (2001), first in the Last Clansman series that continued with Dark Thane (2002) and Lore Bringer (2004). Under her own name she published Swarmthief’s Dance (2005) and sequel Swarmthief’s Treason (2008). Miller was one of the principle founders of the David Gemmell Awards and was awards administrator until stepping down recently due to illness.

Miller was born in Edinburgh in the mid-’60s, and lived in Lincolnshire for some time before returning to Scotland, where she lived in North Berwick, East Lothian. She was first diagnosed with breast cancer in 2001, going into remission several times over the years. She is survived by her husband and their daughter.

See the June issue of Locus for a complete obituary.