Small Blue Planet – Ep 04, France

Our guests this month:

Mélanie Fazi is a long-time fan of fantasy, horror and SF as well as a writer and translator. Although her published books include two novels and two collections of stories, she’s mostly a writer of short fiction. Some of her stories were translated in English and appeared notably in The Magazine of Fantasy & Science-Fiction, Black Static and The Year’s Best Fantasy and Horror. She has also translated works by writers such as Brandon Sanderson, Poppy Z. Brite and Lisa Tuttle (whose short stories have been a major influence on her writing). She currently lives in Paris and is working on a new collection of stories.

Originally a marine biologist, Lionel Davoust has been an editor-in-chief, anthologist, translator, but mostly writes. Attracted by surrealism and weird fiction, he recently completed Le Mystère Léviathan (The Leviathan Mystery), a trilogy of urban fantasy thrillers with strong initiatic overtones which earned him the honors of national television and mainstream press, and builds in parallel Évanégyre, a steampunk world reflecting on the course of history. He can be found in translation in Interfictions 2 (Small Beer Press), with “L’Île close”. Aged 34, he lives in Brittany, and on occasion volunteers to contribute to whale and dolphin science.

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