Petition for Asimov Historical Marker

A petition is being circulated by the Philadelphia Weekly to place a historical marker in honor of late SF grandmaster Issac Asimov on the corner of 50th and Spruce, where he once lived: “Isaac Asimov. The late grand master of science fiction who authored 500 books across every Dewey Decimal category and invented the very idea of ‘robotics’ as a field of study, thus shaping the course of 20th- and 21st-century geekdom. He is generally thought of as a New Yorker—but he spent three very important years in Philadelphia.”

The petition was launched at an event on April 6th, when a group of Asimov’s fans gathered across the street from the apartment building where the author once lived. Local SF professionals Gardner Dozois, Michael Swanwick, Tom Purdom, Gregory Frost, and Victoria McManus were in attendance. The petition can be found at