Nick Pollotta (1954-2013)

Writer Nick Pollotta, 58, died on April 13, 2013 in Chicago of cancer.

Born in New Jersey in August 26, 1954, Pollotta was a prolific author of science fiction, fantasy, and action/adventure novels, including Illegal Aliens (1989, with Phil Foglio), Savage (2013, with Bill Dunbar), Belle, Book and Candle (2012), Damned Nation (2010), That Darn Squid God (2004, with James Clay), as well as many others, including a large number written under the pen names James Axler, Jack Hopkins, and Don Pendleton. Some of his short fiction was collected in Tequila Mockingbird (2004).

Before moving to Philadelphia and discovering the world of science fiction, Pollotta was a stand-up comedian in Manhattan. He is survived by his wife, Melissa Hutchings, and three sons.

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