Richard E. Geis (1927-2013)

Author, editor, and fan Richard E. Geis, 85, died February 4, 2013 in Portland OR.

Richard Erwin Geis was born July 19, 1927 in Portland OR. Geis and his publications were nominated for more than 30 Hugo Awards, and received 13: he won for Best Fan Writer in 1970, ’74, ’75, ’76. ’77, ’81, and ’82; Science Fiction Review won for Best Fanzine in 1969, ’70, ’77, and ’79; and The Alien Critic won for Best Amateur Magazine in 1974 and ’75. He edited or made major contributions to other fanzines and semiprozines, notably Psychotic and his online fanzine Taboo Opinions.

As an author, his first story sale was “Flight Game” in Adam (1959). With Elton T. Elliott he wrote near-future thrillers The Sword of Allah (1984), The Burnt Lands (1985), The Master File (1986), and The Einstein Legacy (1987). The majority of his output was pornographic fiction, with over 100 books published, only a few with SF or fantasy element.

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