James Herbert (1943-2013)

Writer James Herbert, 69, died March 20, 2013 at home in Sussex, England.

Herbert wrote 23 novels, most horror, many of them international bestsellers. His books include The Rats (1974), The Fog (1975), The Survivor (1976), Fluke (1977), The Spear (1978), Lair (1979), The Dark (1980), The Jonah (1981), Shrine (1983), Domain (1984), Moon (1985), The Magic Cottage (1986), Sepulchre (1987), Haunted (1988), Creed (1990), Portent (1992), The Ghosts of Sleath (1994), ’48 (1996), Others (1999), Once (2001), Nobody True (2003), The Secret of Crickley Hall (2006), and Ash (2012). He also wrote non-fiction and a graphic novel, and many of his works were adapted for TV, film, and radio.

Herbert was born April 8, 1943 in London, and attended St. Aloysius College and Hornsey College of Art. He worked in advertising, including as an art director, before becoming a full-time writer. Herbert was named a Grand Master by the World Horror Convention in 2010, the same year he was appointed an Officer of the Order of the British Empire. He is survived by wife Eileen O’Donnell, married in 1968, and their three daughters.

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