Marley, Louise : The Terrorists of Irustan
(Fairwood Press 978-1933846378, $16.99, 348pp, trade paperback, March 2013)
Ebook ISBN [link to Amazon Kindle edition]: B008Z58TK0
Nominal Publication Date: Fri 1 Mar 2013

(First edition: Ace, June 1999)

SF novel about Zahra, a mendicant healer of women on a planet where women are beaten and forced into bethrothal.
• Fairwood’s site has this description of the Kindle edition, which was out last year.
• The book was a finalist for the Endeavour Award and long-listed for the Tiptree Award.
• The Publishers Weekly review of the original edition said, “Rich with alien atmospherics and seething with issues of gender and prejudice, Zahra’s dark journey into revolution offers some sensitive signposts to understanding.”

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Scott, Melissa, & Lisa A. Barnett : Point of Dreams
(Lethe Press 978-1-59021-313-1, $18, 298pp, trade paperback, March 2013, cover art Ben Baldwin)
Nominal Publication Date: Sat 9 Mar 2013

(First edition: Tor, February 2001)

Fantasy, subtitled “A Novella of Astreiant”, sequel to Point of Hopes (1995), also written with Lisa A. Barnett, and to Point of Knives (2012), by Scott alone.
• Lethe Press’ site has this description.
• The Publishers Weekly review of the original edition said “Familiarity with the previous books in the series isn’t necessary, as the authors provide just the right amount of background on Astreiant for readers to get their bearings. Having deftly, and gratifyingly, entwined two different genres, Scott and Barnett have produced a page-turner that is sure to win them new fans.”
• Cynthia Ward just reviewed the book for Locus Online: “As in the preceding volumes, the day is imaginatively saved, the plot is satisfyingly resolved, Rathe and Eslingen’s relationship moves to a new stage, and fans new and old are left eager for the next volume.”

(Fri 8 Mar 2013)
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* Silverberg, Robert : The Best of Robert Silverberg: Stories of Six Decades
(Subterranean 978-1-59606-472-0, $24.95, 722pp, trade paperback, December 2012, jacket illustration Jim Burns)
Nominal Publication Date: Mon 31 Dec 2012

Collection of 26 stories spanning 6 decades of the author’s career, from the 1950s to the 2000s.
• This is a revised edition of 2004 (hardcover) collection Phases of the Moon, adding three stories published in the 2000s.
• Stories include “Road to Nightfall”, Nebula Award winning “Passengers”, Hugo Award winner “Nightwings”, “Sundance”, Nebula winner “Good News from the Vatican”, Nebula winner “Born with the Dead”, “Schwartz Between the Galaxies”, “Sailing to Byzantium”, Hugo winner “Enter a Soldier. Later: Enter Another”, “Beauty in the Night”, and “With Caesar in the Underworld”.
• Silverberg provides an introduction to the book, introductions to each decade section, and introductions to each story.
• Subterranean’s site has this description with the complete list of stories.
Publishers Weekly gave it a starred review: “Thanks to Silverberg’s commentary on each decade and story—wry, candid, and unencumbered by false modesty—the anthology also functions as a memoir of a great career in genre literature.”
• Note: despite the nominal Dec 31th 2012 publication date, the book was not actually for sale from Amazon or the publisher’s site until early this year.

(Fri 8 Mar 2013)
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Walton, Jo : Farthing
(TOR 978-0-7653-2313-2, $14.99, 320pp, trade paperback, March 2013)
Ebook ISBN [link to Amazon Kindle edition]: 9781429944403
Nominal Publication Date: Tue 12 Mar 2013
Fascists #1

(First edition: Tor, August 2006)

SF alternate history novel, set in alternate 1949 in which Nazi Germany has won control of the European continent.
• It’s first of a trilogy, followed by Ha’Penny in 2007 and Half a Crown in 2008.
• The publisher’s site has this description. Amazon’s “Look Inside” function provides a preview.
• The book was a Nebula Award finalist, and placed third for the John W. Campbell Memorial Award.
• Lisa Goldstein’s review in Locus Magazine said, “Walton is dealing with a larger mystery – why people do evil to one another – and here she succeeds brilliantly. … It’s a clear-eyed, passionate meditation on universal themes: injustice, civil liberties, the fear of the outsider. No wonder it reads as if it was written just this morning.”

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