Abyss & Apex

• Magazine of Speculative Fiction, since Jan/Feb 2003; editor-in-chief Wendy S. Delmater
• Format: Online
• Frequency: Quarterly

4th Quarter 2012
Issue 4Q
• This issue has fiction by N.E. Chenier, Lindsey Duncan, John Glass, Sheila Crosby, Arkady Martine, and Berrien Henderson.
• There’s also poetry by Marge Simon and others, a flash fiction by Andrew S. Taylor, and an editorial.

(Sat 3 Nov 2012)

Beneath Ceaseless Skies

• Literary adventure fantasy, since 2008; publisher and editor-in-chief Scott H. Andrews
• Format: Online; PDF and ebook formats
• Frequency: biweekly

November 2012
Issue 107, cover art by Jonas De Ro
• Issue 107, posted Nov. 1st, has stories by M. Bennardo and Damien Walters Grintalis. There’s also an audio fiction podcast by Peta Freestone.
Issue 106, October 18th, has stories by Nancy Fulda and Nicole M. Taylor, with an audio fiction podcast by Marissa Lingen.

(Sat 3 Nov 2012)


• SF and fantasy fiction, nonfiction, and podcasts, since 2006; publisher/editor Neil Clarke
• Format: Online; Ebook
• Frequency: Monthly

November 2012
Issue 74, cover art by Ken Barthelmey
• Stories in this issue are by E. Catherine Tobler, Maggie Clark, and Brooke Wonders.
• Nonfiction includes an interview with Mark Lawrence, and essays by Mark Cole, on Asimov’s psychohistory, and Lev AC Rosen, on gay characters in fantasy.

(Sat 3 Nov 2012)


• SF/fantasy long fiction, one story per month, edited by Ann Leckie, beginning November 2010
• Format: Online
• Frequency: monthly

November 2012
• This month’s story is Woman of the Sun, Woman of the Moon by Benjanun Sriduangkaew.

(Sat 3 Nov 2012)


• UK science fiction magazine, edited by Ian Redman
• Format: Print
• Frequency: Quarterly

October 2012
Issue XXXVIII, £2.75, 52pp, cover art by David Conyers
• This issue, named Pasithee after the moon of Jupiter, has fiction by Alex Weinle, Lou van Zyl, Jon Wallace, Colum Paget, Rosie Oliver, and Allen Ashley, plus a poem by Ian Sales.
• The issue can be ordered individually from the magazine’s back issues page.

(Thu 1 Nov 2012)

SF Site

• Reviews, interviews, feature, links; published by Rodger Turner since 1997
• Format: Online
• Frequency: Semi-monthly

November 2012
• The lead item in this issue are Steven H Silver on Andy Duncan’s The Pottawatomie Giant and Dave Truesdale’s interview of Anthony Huso
• Other reviews cover titles by Larry Correia, Daniel H. Wilson, Faith Hunter, Robin Hobb, and others.

(Sat 3 Nov 2012)

Weird Tales

• Dark fantasy magazine, published since 1923; currently published quarterly, edited by Stephen H. Segal and Ann VanderMeer

Fall 2012
Vol. 66 No. 4 (whole #360), $6.99, 18+93pp, cover art by David Hartman
• This issue, the first under new editor Marvin Kaye, has fiction by Brian Lumley, Michael Shea, Michael Reyes, Darrell Schweitzer, Matthew Jackson, William blake-Smith, Stephen Gracia, Parke Godwin, Jessica Amanda Salmonson, Collin B. Greenwood, and M.A. Brines.
• Poetry is by Jill Bauman, Darrell Schweitzer, Russell Brickey, and Carole Bugge.
• There’s a special Ray Bradbury section, with its own cover, the ‘original version’ of “The Exiles”, Bradbury’s new ending to “Rosemary’s Baby”, a poem, and a remembrance by Marvin Kaye.
• The magazine’s site has the complete table of contents.

(Wed 31 Oct 2012)