Blinks: 3 new online fiction venues; Ansible; Datlow; reviews; Powers exhibit; FictionMags

» New online fiction venues just this week include Jonathan Strahan’s Eclipse Online, hosted by Night Shade Books, transitioning his anthology series to a two-stories per month free e-zine

» Next: Black Gate magazine is posting fiction weekly online, beginning 30 September, with first story by Jason E. Thummel

» And third: John Joseph Adams debuts horror zine Nightmare Magazine beginning this month

» Meanwhile, Strange Horizons has announced its 2012 Fund Drive

» David Langford’s Ansible 303

» Lovecraft eZine hosts a video chat with Ellen Datlow

» LA Review of Books has reviews by Erin Horáková of Kij Johnson’s At the Mouth of the River of Bees, and by Gary Dalkin of Kathleen Ann Goonan’s In War Times and This Shared Dream

» Gallery 55 in Natick MA has a Richard Powers exhibit hosted by Baldwin Hill Art and Framing, through Oct. 7th

» B&N: Paul Di Filippo reviews Roald Dahl

» The FictionMags Index has been updated by index-meister William G. Contento

» Nerds of a Feather: more from Paul Kincaid about whether SF is ‘exhausted’ (part one)