Blinks: Doctorow comments, Chicon 7 photos, Ansible, reviews and interviews

» Many, perhaps the most ever, great comments to Cory Doctorow’s latest column

» Photos from Chicon 7 by Ellen Datlow, James Patrick Kelly, Lawrence Person

» David Langford’s Ansible 302

» LA Review of Books: Paul Kincaid’s polemical review of best-of-year anthologies from Gardner Dozois, Rich Horton, and Nebula Awards; earlier, Scott Selisker reviews alternate Arabia novels by Saladin Ahmed and Ahmed Khaled Tawfik; and, John Langan reviews Laird Barron’s The Croning

» The Bat Segundo Show interviews Jeffrey Ford

» Wired: Why Alastair Reynolds Doesn’t Do Star Trek Physics

» PW’s Genreville reports on The Latest from SFWA

» Wall Street Journal: Tom Shippey reviews Palma, Larson, Doctorow & Stross

» Guardian: Eric Brown reviews Powers, Ashby, Hamilton, Christopher

» Matthew Hughes has a new webpage

» Huffington Post: Ray Bradbury FBI File: Sci-Fi Legend Suspected Of Communist Sympathies

» Telegraph: David Langford briefly reviews MJ Harrison, Tuttle, Roberts, Stross, Fford