Locus Series on Translated SF (and SF that Should Be Translated)

After running a Roundtable discussion in support of Fabio Fernandes’ International issue of The Future Fire, I started thinking about the wonderful science fiction and fantasy that I’ve read in translation over the years. I thought it might be interesting to solicit guest posts from a wide range of people talking about both excellent translated stories as well as stories that haven’t yet been translated but really need to be. I hope that as you read about these works, from all over the world including short fiction, novels, and graphic novels, that it will highlight the importance of translation efforts. It may also give a hint about what many of us are missing out on being part of a largely mono-lingual culture. Translation is expensive and difficult to do well, but when it is successful it opens up new vistas for a reader to explore. I hope that you’ll enjoy these posts through the coming weeks.

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