Blinks: Ray Bradbury

Ray Bradbury links:

» LA Times: long front page obit, with photos

» NY Times: front page obit by Gerald Jonas; also, Michiko Kakutani

» The White House: President Obama on Ray Bradbury

» Guardian: David Pringle’s obit

» Washington Post: Michael Dirda’s Appreciation for an author who will ‘live forever’

» BBC: audio tribute by Brian Aldiss

» Wired: John Joseph Adams’ compilation of tributes by Le Guin, Hill, Wilson, Bear, Robinson, Van Gelder, Grossman, and others

» Slate: Sam Weller on The Education of a Young Magician

» Salon: David Brin on Ray Bradbury, American optimist

» National Review Online: Orson Scott Card’s Thoughts on Ray Bradbury

» Paul Di Filippo at Barnes & Noble and Blastr

» YouTube: Ray Bradbury’s prunes commercial

» YouTube: Rachel Bloom’s Fuck Me, Ray Bradbury