Carlos Fuentes (1928-2012)

Mexican author Carlos Fuentes, 83, died May 15, 2012 in Mexico City.

Fuentes frequently wrote in the magical realist vein, and even wrote occasional SF, with notable works including Aura (1962), La cabeza de la hidra [The Hydra’s Head] (1978), Terra Nostra (1975), Cristobál Nonato [Christopher Unborn] (1987), collection Constancia y otras novelas para virgenes [Constancia; And Other Stories for Virgins] (1989), Inez (2001), La silla del aguila [The Eagle’s Throne] (2002).

Carlos Manuel Fuentes Macías was born November 11, 1928 in Panama City, Panama. His father was a Mexican diplomat, and Fuentes grew up in Montevideo, Rio de Janeiro, Washington DC, Santiago, Quito, and Buenos Aires. He began living in Mexico when he was a teenager, and remained there until 1965. That year he became a diplomat for Mexico, serving in London, Paris, and elsewhere, resigning as ambassador to France in 1978. He taught at Universities including Brown, Cambridge, Columbia, Harvard, and Princeton.

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