K.D. Wentworth (1951-2012)

Writer and editor K.D. Wentworth, 61, died April 18, 2012 of pneumonia, following a period of ill health brought on by her struggle with cervical cancer in Tulsa OK.

Kathy Diane Wentworth was born January 27, 1951 in Tulsa OK, and entered the field by winning the Writer’s of the Future contest in 1988, and went on to publish nine novels and over 50 short stories. Her novels include Black on Black (1999), Moonspeaker (1994), and The Imperium Game (1994). Her short fiction appeared in such magazines as Alfred Hitchcock’s Mystery Magazine, Aboriginal Science Fiction, F&SF, and Realms of Fantasy. Three of her short stories were Nebula finalists: “Tall One” (1998), “Burning Bright” (1996), and “Born Again” (2005).

Wentworth became a judge for Writers of the Future in 2000 and later served as coordinating judge and taught their workshop with Tim Powers.

See the June issue of Locus for a complete obituary.

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