ICFA 33 Opening Panel: Monstrous Significations

On March 21st, scholars, writers, and editors gathered together in Florida for the 33rd time, to hold the International Conference for the Fantastic in the Arts. This year’s guests of honor were China Miéville, Kelly Link, and Jeffrey J. Cohen. This podcast is a recording of the opening session of the conference. In order, you’ll hear the voices of Jim Casey, IAFA president; Kelly LinkChina Miéville, Jeffrey J. Cohen, Veronica Hollinger, and Gary K. Wolfe. They discuss monsters both human, inhuman, and cute; the difference between monsters and the monstrous, and what monsters are scariest or most effective. They also touch upon the shaded line between the monster and the animal. A mere taste of the sorts of things one hears at ICFA, I’ll be posting two other recorded panels in the next week.

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