First Kickstarter Milestone

The Locus Kickstarter campaign has met its first milestone, it will be funded! They met their $9500 goal. But that’s no reason to stop the momentum! There are a lot of things that can be done with any extra money. Consider:

Should we exceed our funding goals, there are several projects waiting in the wings:

  •     digitizing and storing Locus’s immense and historic collection of audio author interviews, currently only on microcassettes and in imminent danger of degrading
  •     cataloging the current book, pulp, and periodical collection housed at Locus
  •     a fantastic but as-yet-to-be-announced project, one that would benefit many in the SF/F community from authors to fans to publishers

I hope that you’ll consider donating, even if you missed the 28 hour window it took to make the initial goal. As of this writing, we’re at $12,557, but there are 32 days left to go–let’s see how far we can take this!

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