BFS Committee Positions Filled

Acting British Fantasy Society chair Graham Joyce has announced the new committee members for the organization:

  • Chairperson: Lee Harris, nominated by Paul Cornell, seconded by Philip Lunt
  • Treasurer: Amanda Rutter, nominated by Suzanne MacLeod, seconded by Neil Ford
  • Secretary: Marion Pitman, nominated by Tina Rath, seconded by Jan Edwards
  • Awards Administrator: Sarah Ann Watts, nominated by James Bennett, seconded by Lawrence Watts
  • Publicity Officer: Lizzie Barrett, nominated by Jared Shurin, seconded by Lou Morgan
  • Stock Holder: Christopher Teague, incumbent

Nominations closed on November 18th, and there were no contests for any position. The positions will be formally ratified at EGM on December 9th, 2011. For more information, see the British Fantasy Society’s website.