Philip Rahman (1952-2011)

Publisher Philip Rahman, 59, died July 23, 2011 after years of declining health and personal difficulties.

Rahman co-founded weird fiction publisher Fedogan & Bremer with his friend Dennis Weiler in 1989. Their first book was Colossus: The Collected Science Fiction of Donald Wandrei, and they went on to publish books by Robert M. Price, Basil Copper, Robert Bloch, Hugh B. Cave, Richard A. Lupoff, Karl Edward Wagner, R. Chetwynd-Hayes, and others, including anthologies edited by Stephen Jones. Fedogan & Bremer won a World Fantasy Special Award – Non-Professional for book publishing. The press has been inactive in recent years.

Rahman was born February 18, 1952 in Wabasha MN, and worked at the University of Minnesota hospital as a business analyst for over 30 years. He married Lynne Holden in 1986, divorcing in 2005. He was predeceased by second wife Diane Landon, who passed away in 2006 just a few days after they were married. Rahman is survived by three brothers, a sister, a son, and a stepdaughter.


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