Doctorow’s Little Brother Adapted for Stage

Freelance director Josh Costello adapted Cory Doctorow’s novel Little Brother for the stage and is about to start production for a show that will run in January and February 2012 at The Custom Made Theatre Co. in San Francisco CA.  This is the second adaptation of Doctorow’s novel, and it unrelated to the production that ran in Chicago in 2009.

Costello has written his version for a cast of three actors and plans to create an interactive relationship with the play’s audience.  He says: “At some point, I realized that the first-person narrative structure of the novel would allow for a stage adaptation in which the lead actor could speak directly to the audience, breaking the fourth wall…. I like this style of theatre—the point is not to fool the audience into forgetting that there are only three actors, it’s to encourage the audience to use their own imaginations to actively participate in the telling of the story.”

Costello will be writing about the ongoing development of the production on his blog, Little Brother Live.

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