Joel Rosenberg (1954-2011)

Author Joel Rosenberg, 57, died June 2, 2011 following respiratory problems that led to a heart attack, brain damage, and organ failure. Rosenberg is best known for his Guardians of the Flame fantasy series, but he wrote nearly 30 books, including SF and mysteries.

Rosenberg’s first story was “Like Gentle Rains” in Asimov’s (1982), and his first novel was The Sleeping Dragon, beginning the Guardians of the Flame series about roleplaying gamers drawn into a fantasy world, which continued for nine more volumes from 1983-2003. Other series include the Keepers of the Hidden Ways trilogy, the Metzada series, the D’Shai sequence, the Mordred’s Heirs series, and the Sparky Hemingway mysteries.

Born May 1, 1954 in Winnipeg Canada, Rosenberg grew up in North Dakota and Connecticut, and attended the University of Connecticut. He was also well known as a gun instructor and 2nd Amendment activist. He is survived by his wife of 32 years, Felicia Herman, and their two daughters.

The SF Encyclopedia has additional details. See the July issue of Locus for a complete obituary. This entry has been corrected.

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