Anywhere But Here, Anywhen But Now Winners

Terry Pratchett has announced the winners of the inaugural Anywhere But Here, Anywhen But Now Award: Michael Logan’s Half Sick of Shadows and David Logan’s (no relation) Apocalypse Cow. While originally intended to go to a single winner, Pratchett said, “Although some might see it as a cop-out to split a prize, we decided that since the existence of the prize was to find new talent then this was the happiest decision to make.”

The contest is for first novels “set on Earth, although it may be an Earth that might have been, or might yet be, one that has gone down a different leg of the famous trousers of time.” Over 500 entries were submitted, and both winners will receive a publishing contract from Transworld and split the £20,000 prize. Pratchett judged the award along with representatives from Transworld and Waterstone’s.

For more information see The Guardian.