Schelling and Lotts to Leave Vicinanza Agency

Chris Lotts and Christopher Schelling have announced they have left Ralph Vicinanza Ltd. to open their own agencies.

The Lotts Agency will continue to represent commercial fiction and targeted upmarket non-fiction in a mix of domestic and foreign rights, working on behalf of Stephen King, Robert Silverberg, George R.R. Martin, Robin Hobb, Connie Willis, Robert J. Sawyer, and R. Scott Bakker among many others. At Schelling’s new shop, Selectric Artists, he will continue with authors like Augusten Burroughs, Cinda Williams Chima, John Elder Robison, Louis Bayard, Kim Stanley Robinson, and Haven Kimmel, while also expanding his representation into other media.

Although the two companies will be separate, Lotts Agency will continue to handle a number of Selectric’s authors for translation.

Chris Lotts can be reached at <> and 917-310-1922. Due to immediate commitments to his continuing authors, Lotts is not actively looking for new authors at this time, though queries can be sent to <>. Christopher Schelling can be reached at 646-397-1778 and <>.