Link Rift

  • Paul Graham Raven writes on Transhumanism for the New Scientist.
  • Strange Horizons dedicated a week to author Nisi Shawl, including story “Pataki” and an essay by Shawl, “Race, Again, Still.”
  • Paul McAuley on “How to Write a Generic SF Novel.” (“No amount of exposure to suffering or slaughter should alter your hero in any significant way, although he is allowed to shed the odd manly tear or to express cold steely determination to do something about the death of a loved one.”)
  • At Making Light, Teresa Nielsen Hayden uses the Transnistrian Infundibulator to illustrate genre categories. [Via Jay Lake]
  • Ian Sales announces that he’s soliciting for a new Hard SF anthology, to be titled Rocket Science. He’s looking for both fiction and non-fiction.
  • Also from Ian Sales: “The Future’s So Bright, You Gotta Wear Chains.”
  • Jo Walton comments on the prevalence of violence in genre fiction, and points out that there are other ways to motivate a plot. [I have to agree about the prevalence. Of the last 223 short stories I’ve read, 72 have featured violence more-or-less prominently. It’s BY FAR the most common trope.]
  • On the World SF blog, Haikasoru editor Nick Mamatas writes about Japanese SF.

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