Peter Straub and Gary K. Wolfe In Conversation

This is the first Locus Roundtable podcast! I was able to sit down with Peter Straub and Gary K. Wolfe online while they discussed topics such as: James Tiptree Jr., Peter’s stories, time travel, and David Foster Wallace. Also, Peter drops some tantalizing hints about where he’s going with his next novel.


48 thoughts on “Peter Straub and Gary K. Wolfe In Conversation

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  • January 23, 2011 at 2:02 am


    Liked your Wolfe/Straub conversation a lot. Never met him, alas.

    I think Geoff Ryman said time travel should be exiled from sf into fantasy. I didn’t because there is a slim possibility that time travel is possible, within general relativity — a fact Einstein knew and first pointed out! (Interesting idea for a story there… maybe alternate history.)

    But quantum mechanics is still unintegrated with relativity so the matter is open. I did what I could with this in TIMESCAPE, and the view I took then is now fairly commonly accepted in physics–that maybe you could send messages back, but if a paradox thus arose, quantum effects would split you off so you would live in the quantum spinoff where the change you wanted would not occur. So time travel is still kosher, I think.


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