SFWA Puts Dorchester on Probation

Dorchester Publishing is on probation as a SFWA qualifying market from December 10, 2010 through December 10, 2011. Sales made to Dorchester during that time will not qualify authors for SFWA membership; however, sales may retroactively qualify if the probation period is successfully completed.

According to the statement issued by SFWA president John Scalzi, the SFWA board chose to put Dorchester on probation after verifying complaints that Dorchester has failed to pay royalties to some SFWA members, and has distributed some books in mediums for which it did not secure legal rights.

Dorchester Senior Editor Chris Keeslar does not dispute these claims, and has informed SFWA that his company is “working to clean up every mistake that has been made, and we categorically affirm our desire to meet the criteria SFWA lists.” SFWA has stated that it is “strongly encouraged” by Dorchester’s initial reactions in response to the organization’s action.

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