Random House E-book Sales up 250%

Global e-book sales at Random House are up 250% from 2009, as announced by chief executive Markus Dohle in an end-of-year letter to staff. According to Dohle, e-books comprised nearly half of overall first-week sales in the US this fall for some lead titles.

Dohle expects growth to continue in 2011 despite troubled economies: “With the coming proliferation of e-reading devices and e-bookstores in Germany, the UK, Spain, and Latin America, we expect digital sales increases to resound globally.” He credited the company’s success in part to US sales of Decision Points by George W. Bush, record-setting UK sales of A Journey by Tony Blair, and “megaselling titles across all our divisions through this year, especially in the fourth quarter.”

More information at TheBookseller.com.

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