Glen GoodKnight (1941-2010)

Glen GoodKnight, 69, died November 3, 2010 after several years of poor health.

Glen Howard GoodKnight III was born 1941 in Los Angeles CA, and founded the Mythopoeic Society in 1967, later merging it with the Tolkien Society. The first Mythcon was held in 1970, and has continued every year since. He edited the society’s journal, Mythlore, for 78 of the 84 issues published from 1970-98 and was an expert on (and avid collector of) the works of Inklings J.R.R. Tolkien, C.S. Lewis, and Charles Williams.

Though GoodKnight withdrew from his active role in the Mythopoeic Society in 1998, he began attending their conferences again with the 40th anniversary meeting in 2007, and remained active online until the end.