Stephenson & Bear Collaborate

Neal Stephenson & Greg Bear, with Subutai Corporation, announced the launch of their speculative fiction historical adventure novel The Mongoliad, released on PULP, Subutai’s new, interactive social book platform. The platform immerses readers into the world of the novel, letting them experience “meta-narrative” and “para-narrative” by inclusion of character sketches, videos, articles, short stories, music and opportunities within the community to discuss the book.

PULP is what Gutenberg would have come up with if he hadn’t jumped the gun and released six hundred years early,” said Stephenson. “Kindles and iPads were little better than expensive drink trays until we came up with this.”

Readers can subscribe to to The Mongoliad and receive new chapters weekly.

Bear said, “This is one of the most exciting and interesting projects I’ve worked on in a long while. Collaborating with Neal and our crack team on a magnificent story and a new business model for publishing and media is a real privilege.”