E.C. Tubb, 1919-2010

British author E.C. Tubb, 90, died September 10, 2010 at home in London. He began publishing SF with “No Short Cuts” in 1951 (New Worlds). During his career he produced over 230 stories and 130 novels, most space opera and SF adventure, under his own name and more than 50 pseudonyms and house names.

He is best known for his sprawling 32-volume Dumarest Saga, which began in 1967 with The Winds of Gath and concluded with Child of Earth (2009).

Tubb’s first novel was Saturn Patrol (1951, as King Lang), followed by other early books Planetfall (1951, as Gill Hunt) and Argentis (1952, as Brian Shaw). The first novel under his own name was Alien Impact (1952) . His Cap Kennedy series about a galactic secret agent began with Galaxy of the Lost (1973) and concluded with The Galactiad (1983). His dystopia To Dream Again is forthcoming in 2011.

Edward Charles Tubb was born October 15, 1919 in London. He became a fan of SF before WWII, collecting magazines as a teenager and helping to found the British Science Fiction Association.  He married Iris Kathleen Smith in 1944, and is survived by their two daughters, two granddaughters, three grandsons, and a number of great-grandchildren.

See the October issue of Locus for a full obituary, and for further details, visit Tubb’s Encyclopedia of Science Fiction entry.