Sharon Webb, 1936-2010

Sharon Webb, 74, died April 30, 2010 in Blairsville GA of a heart attack.

Born February 29, 1936 in Tampa FL, Webb worked as a nurse in addition to writing. Her first SF publications were poem “Atomic Reaction” (1963) and story “The Girl with the 100 Proof Eyes” (1964) both in F&SF and both under pseudonym Rob Webb. In the ’80s she published a number of stories under her own name in Asimov’s and other publications, many about a future nurse, assembled in fix-up novel The Adventures of Terra Tarkington, R.N. (1985). Other novels include the Earth Song trilogy: Earthchild (1982), Earthsong (1983), and Ramsong (1984).

She was predeceased by husband Brian Webb, and is survived by three daughters.

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