2009 BSFA Award Finalists

The British Science Fiction Association announced the finalists for the 2009 awards.
Best Novel

  • Ark, Stephen Baxter (Gollancz)

Best Short Fiction

  • “Sinner, Baker, Fabulist, Priest; Red Mask, Black Mask, Gentleman, Beast”, Eugie Foster (Interzone #220)
  • The Push, Dave Hutchinson (Newcon Press)
  • “Johnnie and Emmie-Lou Get Married”, Kim Lakin-Smith (Interzone #222)

Best Non-Fiction

  • “Mutant Popcorn” film column, Nick Lowe (Interzone)

Best Artwork

  • Cover of Desolation Road, by Stephan Martinière

There are only four nominees in the Best Novel category, and six nominees in the Short Fiction and Best Artwork categories, due to multiple ties. The awards are voted on by members of BSFA and the British Annual Science Fiction Convention (Eastercon). Winners will be announced during Odyssey (Eastercon 2010), to be held April 2-5, 2010 in Heathrow, London.

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