Friday links

Light posting round here because I’m still getting back on my feet. Some links:

The Robert Holdstock memorial fund
– Short fiction from non-anglophone authors in the big three magazines: a comprehensive survey. (ETA: Updated here.)
– In case you hadn’t seen it: John Scalzi takes Black Matrix publishing to task for breathtakingly low fiction payment rates (1, 2); SF signal publishes attempted rebuttal; epic comment thread ensues.
– Today’s (London) Times had a banner headline “First review of Avatar“; as Emily Bell tweeted, “presumably for people without internet access”
Helpful summary of New Moon.
– Whither fantasy? from Hal Duncan (at length) and M John Harrison ().
– Matte vs Gloss, the eternal debate.
– Gorgeous (but currently sold out) mix of 20th and 21st century audio tech.
– The UK may be drowning in government debt, but we’re getting our own space agency! I do hope they employ Stephen Baxter.

And finally, not particularly sf-nal, but an impossibly addictive Flash game.

ETA: And happy 80th birthday, sf fandom!

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