SCI FI Wire Cancels Columns

SCI FI Wire, the online news division of Syfy (formerly the Sci Fi Channel), has canceled all their columns, including long-running series from John Clute, Wil McCarthy, and Michael Cassutt.

Clute was told that Syfy learned via research and focus groups that “the whole online column idea has become passe, because the medium has evolved.” Features editor Scott Edelman told us, “We’ve discontinued the ‘columns’ concept on SCI FI Wire altogether, although we’ve extended offers to our former column writers to continue working with us in other ways. I’m grateful for all the amazing work John, Michael, and Wil have made over the past decade. It wasn’t an easy decision, but we feel the column format is a legacy from the days of print that doesn’t serve Wire’s readers or our writers particularly well anymore.”

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