Realms of Fantasy Re-Opens; Jetse de Vries Launches Daybreak

Realms of Fantasy is now open for fiction submissions after a seven-month hiatus. The subscription price is increasing on November 15, 2009, so subscribe now if you want to get the old rates of $16.95 for a six-issue subscription in the US ($28.95 overseas), and $29.95 for twelve issues ($53.95 overseas). New rates will be $19.99 for six issues ($29.99 overseas), and $34.99 for twelve issues ($54.99 overseas).

In other magazine news, Jetse de Vries launched free online magazine Daybreak this October, featuring upbeat science fiction stories. The magazine is intended to promote de Vries’s upcoming anthology Shine (Solaris), but may continue beyond the anthology’s April 2010 publication date.

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