Waldrop Wins Jack Trevor Story Memorial Cup

Howard Waldrop has been awarded the Jack Trevor Story Memorial Cup by judges Michael Moorcock, Jeff VanderMeer, Iain Sinclair, Lili Sztajn, Fabrice Colin, Lisa Tuttle, and Sebastian Doubinski. The prize, not given every year, is awarded for a work of fiction or body of work which best celebrates the spirit of author Jack Trevor Story, who died in 1992. Moorcock presented the cup to Waldrop during a special ceremony in Austin TX on August 14, 2009.

The award also includes a $1,000 prize, with the stipulation that the money must be spent within two weeks, with nothing to show for it at the end. This recalls Story’s remark to a bankruptcy judge when asked what happened to a substantial sum of money paid to him for film rights: “You know how it is, judge. Two hundred or two thousand. It always lasts a week to a fortnight.”

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