Starlog Ceasing Print Publication announced the April 2009 print issue of Starlog magazine, #374, will be the last, at least for now, with issue #375 to be available in the future in digital format only. The magazine says it is a “temporary cessation of the current run of Starlog as a print magazine. After 33 years, and considering the present state of the economy, we feel its time for a major revamp and will be temporarily discontinuing publication while the model and redesign of the magazine are contemplated and executed.”

It’s often been the case for print magazines that a temporary cessation is actually permanent, so whether this really will be a revamping of the print magazine, or in the end a shift to digital only, is hard to say. Starlog has long played an important role in covering science fiction, and the various reactions to the news seem to come to the same conclusion, that this is “the end of an era.”

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