Ken Rand, 1946-2009

Locus Magazine, Science Fiction Fantasy

Writer Ken Rand, 62, died April 21, 2009 at home in West Jordan UT of complications from a rare abdominal cancer.

His novels include Phoenix (2004), The Golems of Laramie County (2005), Dadgum Martians Invade the Lucky Nickel Saloon! (2006), Pax Dakota (2008), Fairy BrewHaHa at the Lucky Nickel Saloon (2008), and A Cold Day in Hell (2009).

His short work was collected in many volumes, most recently Where Angels Fear: The Collected Short Fiction, Volume One (2008), and The Gods Perspire: The Collected Short Fiction, Volume Two (2008). He also wrote many books of non-fiction, both writing guides and memoirs.

Rand was born July 19, 1946 in Spokane WA and grew up in Port Chicago CA. He was a hippie in San Francisco in the 1960s, and worked as a photographer, talk show host, producer, editor, actor, and announcer for sporting events and daredevil shows, and spent over two decades as a broadcast and print reporter.

He is survived by his wife Lynne (married 1969, divorced 1974; remarried 1993), their three children, and six grandchildren.

See the May 2009 print issue of Locus for a more detailed obituary.
(Photo credit: CC from Nihonjoe)

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