Clarion South Fundraising Appeal

Clarion South is looking for donations from the SF community to help refill the coffers that were wiped out this year. The 2009 workshop faced “a few challenges,” including the last-minute cancellation by Griffith University of their original venue and three of the tutors dropping out. The venue change cost more than Clarion South had budgeted for, and though they were able to meet the various challenges, it broke the bank.

Quoted from their e-mail…

“Ways that people can help:

1. Donate to the Fundraising Appeal
Simply go to to make a PayPal
donation directly to Clarion South. We know it’s not the best time be
launching an appeal, just after Christmas, during a global financial
meltdown, and during some very real human crises such as the Victorian
Bushfires. You have our heartfelt appreciation for even very small
donations, and if you are not in a position to give, that is perfectly

2. Spread the word
Even if you can’t donate to the Appeal we would love your support to
spread the word about our fundraising drive. By the end of March we are
hoping to raise $4,000 for Clarion South. If you know any friends who
are sympathetic to the aims and activities of Clarion South, please let
them know—via Facebook, MySpace, your blog or any other means.

We’ll have a Facebook group up shortly, but in the meantime, please feel
free to direct people to our website.

Thank you in advance for your love and support. We’re incredibly
passionate about Clarion South and would like to see it thrive and
continue into the future.

Best wishes,
Kate Eltham, Robert Hoge, Robert Dobson and Heather Gammage”

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