Lino Aldani, 1926-2009

Lino Aldani, a foremost Italian science fiction writer since the ’60s, died at 82 of an untreatable lung disease at Pavia hospital in Italy on January 31, 2009. First published in 1960 in Roman magazine Oltre il cielo, he started his own SF magazine in 1963 called Futuro, later revived as Futuro Europa. In 1962, he wrote the first critical essay on SF by an Italian, “La fantascienza”. In 1977, he began publishing novels with Quando le radici (The Roots of a Man), one of the best Italian novels of the time. His short stories and five novels are collected in a five-volume hardcover set published by Elara.

Locus Magazine, Science Fiction FantasyLino Aldani, 1926-2009

For the complete obituary, see the upcoming print issue of Locus, March 2009.

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